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“If an enterprise's market value depends on its knowledge management and intellectual capital, then at least as much attention should be given to managing those assets - especially the human capital component - as is given to physical and financial assets”



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Few would dispute that today's business world is in turmoil. Slumps in the economy, corporate scandals and bankruptcies, jittery financial markets - they all say one thing: success in today's marketplace requires  agility, speed, and  innovation.

These current economic realities increase the pressure on executives and corporations to maximize the value of all their assets- including their human assets. Clearly, any way to extract more value from your investment in the human experts who hold your organization's emerging knowledge- can have immediate bottom-line impact.

To maintain and increase competitive power, firms need to increase efficiency and quality in their knowledge and processes. Vital for knowledge work is the ability to transform information into action. This requires tools to easily find and share information, and the support to connect the right people at the right time- EASILY.

Where can Apro Solutions help to manage your organization's knowledge?

  • Customer knowledge: Most organizations do not know as much about their customers as they believe. Oftentimes if they do, the knowledge is isolated in their sales or service departments and do not adequately feed this knowledge into new products and service organizations.
  • Knowledge in processes: As processes are automated, knowledge is often embedded in computer programs, but many filter out the important tacit knowledge of human experts and workflow processes.
  • Knowledge in people: Often cited as an organization’s most valuable asset, many managers do not continuously and effectively motivate and challenge their best workers to ensure their growth. An important part of knowledge management is about creating the environment and culture in which your knowledge "stars" will thrive and perform while ensuring better employee retention on the long term.  Don’t YOU want everyone in your company to say, “I love coming to work every day.”  Don't YOU want to know and be comforted that you will not have a business impact when Jane gets sick?  When you hire your new employee- don't you want to know he knows where to find the answers to his startup questions?
  • Organizational memory: Many organizations do not know what they already know. They “re-invent the wheel” often because they do not have effective record of problems that have already found results. Effective knowledge and documentation programs will put significant emphasis on recording lessons learned. Does your organization conduct a formal post-project review to draw lessons, and capture knowledge from an assignment or issue?
  • Knowledge assets: “What you can measure, you can manage” runs the old adage. Yet, while hoards of accountants and auditors record physical assets and financial transactions, few attempt even cursory measurement of intangible assets that may be overall worth much more in your organization.  Developing metrics to show growth and improvements in your organization is crucial to fine tune and modify any one particular knowledge management.  What may have been an effective tool early in your organization may be completely outdated as your organization and customers grow.

New technologies, such as groupware, CRM, ERP, Document Management Solutions, and intranets and agents, have created new possibilities and the ease to do this. These technologies are however not enough; they sometimes create new problems and often do not get the wanted effects. The technology must be combined with new organizational solutions, processes, sound information process workflows, and knowledge culture.

Let Apro Solutions help your technology and organization to be intertwined to effectively do their work for you:

Our Management procedures are designed to provide you with a choice of customized options to meet your needs. We can provide supplemental support to your internal staff or provide turnkey solutions to meet all of your business needs.

We can provide the necessary investigative assessment, resource coordination, new workflow process design and implementation, outsourcing assessment , and progress reporting along with the technology design and implementation management services needed to complete your project. Successful management entails a synthesis and focus of resources along with thorough documentation and communications. Our workflow and knowledge management strength is the capability to make knowledgeable sourcing decisions concerning a broad, powerful array of resource possibilities and the experience to know what does and does not work in any particular industry and type of company.

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