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  "The single most important aspect of a good business plan is that it must be based on your market and your customers' desires. What you want, and think, as a business owner is much less important than what your customers want and think. The reason for your business to exist is to create and service customers."
"In the ideal version of an expertise software package, there should be a very customizable set of business rules that allow each enterprise to send each query to the appropriate expert, or experts as need be."




   Need a Business Plan and don't know where to start?  Don't put it off  and do not make the most common mistakes with something as important as your new company and idea.

Most of all, remember- Business Plans do not sell new business ideas to investors. People do.  Investors invest in facts, executable futures, and people- not ideas.

   Let Apro's Experts help and guide you through YOUR Business Plan


We believe in making our company   EXPERTS   in  YOUR  business- understanding fully what you are trying to accomplish. Talking in person or by phone as often as possible is generally the very best way to do this. We do not make you write the plan for us by sending a long questionnaire with “fill-in-the-blanks”, instead we create objectives and manage the process, taking responsibility for the accomplishment of tasks by whatever means necessary. We will help you determine the best way to achieve your funding goals. Any studies, market research or business analysis that you are unable to provide, we attend to on your behalf. Technology, infrastructure, and other costs, are something we research and help you plan for.

Apro Solution business plans are thorough and provide all of the critical data an investor will need to make a positive investment decision. We write to achieve clarity and appeal.


Based on our long-time experience in business and management consulting, we have an ideal mix of professional knowledge to advise large and small firms on business strategy. We review our client’s business and revenue model and offer recommendations and advice that will help the company acquire business capital and improve upon process. Furthermore, we assist with expansion planning and franchising strategy.

We can help you to easily explain the type of business you are in. You will be expected to explain the general state of your industry and the nature of the business, especially if your plan is going outside your company to banks or investors.  Let us help you work out the necessary responses to the harder questions you may be asked.

Whether you are a service business, manufacturer, retailer, or some other type of business, we can quickly help you to ramp up with our Industry Analysis Summaries, describing:

  • Industry Participants

  • Distribution Patterns

  • Competition and Buying Patterns

  • Budget and ROI Estimates


This is the most important part of a business plan and about your big idea. Our experts know exactly who  you are writing your business plan for, and know the exact level of detail to include. It is important to give enough information to think it is a good idea, not enough to bore them. We can help you to include the following:

  • Detailed Product/Services Description (from the user’s perspective)

  • Product Life Cycle

  • Copyrights, Patents and Trade Secrets (if applicable)

  • Research and Development Activities – now and future plans

  • Operations – or how you’re going to do it

  • Production and Service Delivery Procedures

  • Production and Service Delivery Capability (annually, and against your projected growth)

  • Operating Competitive Advantages (e.g. quicker time to market than your competitors)

  • Suppliers who you will be depending upon for parts etc. don’t forget to work out the risk implied by using them and build that into your plans and contingency


Everything in your industry that happens outside of your business will effect your company. The more you know about your industry the more advantage and protection you will have.

Let us help you to complete your business plan that discusses general industry economics, participants, distribution patterns, factors in the competition, and whatever else describes the nature of this business to outsiders.  If you need help with your research- we can collate information from Web sites for business analysis, financial statistics, demographics, trade associations, and just about everything you'll need for a complete business plan.


You should know who else sells in your market. You can not easily describe a type of business without describing the nature of the participants. There is a huge difference, for example, between an industry like broadband television services, in which there are only a few huge companies in any one country, and one like dry cleaning, in which there are tens of thousands of smaller participants.


Products and services can follow many paths between suppliers and users. Let Apro Solutions help to explain how distribution works in your industry. Is this an industry in which retailers are supported by regional distributors, as is the case for computer products, magazines, or auto parts? Does your industry depend on direct sales to large industrial customers? Do manufacturers support their own direct sales forces, or do they work with product representatives?

Technology can change the patterns of distribution in an industry or product category. The Internet, for example, is changing the options for software distribution, books, music, and other products. Cable communication is changing the options for distributing video products and video games.  Distribution patterns may not be as critical to most service companies, because distribution is normally about physical distribution of specific physical products such as a restaurant, graphic artist, professional services practice, or architect.  For a few services, distribution may still be relevant. A phone service or cable provider, or an Internet provider, might describe distribution related to physical infrastructure. Some publishers may prefer to treat their business as a service rather than a manufacturing company, and in that case distribution may also be relevant.

Let Apro Solutions help you to explain potential distribution patterns for your business and ensure the process by which you can execute against your plan.


It is essential to understand the nature of competition in your market. This is still in the general area of describing the industry, or type of business. Explain the general nature of competition in this business, and how the customers seem to choose one provider over another. What are the keys to success? What buying factors make the most difference--Price? Product features? Service? Support? Training? Software? Delivery dates? Are brand names important?

Let Apro Solutions help you to do a very complete analysis of your main competitors. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? We can help you consider their products, pricing, reputation, management, financial position, channels of distribution, brand awareness, business development, technology, or other factors that you feel are important. In what segments of the market do they operate? What seems to be their strategy? How much do they impact your products, and what threats and opportunities do they represent?


Apro Solution provides valuable market research for your business plan. Research validates the business opportunity. Investors want to see that you can identify your markets, establish their size, provide demographic data, and present evidence to confirm your assumptions. It is important to accurately profile your customers and thoroughly document your competition. The business plan must prove that there is both a need and demand for your product and services (in a qualitative and quantitative manner). A best means in which to demonstrate that the plan is feasible is to spend effort on studies, such as surveys, pilot programs, and testimony by industry experts. We can help you with this.


The cost effectiveness and yields of different advertising mediums--and strategies--within your market must be evaluated. Television, radio, the Internet, newspapers and magazines, trade publications, and other forms of advertising are assessed and considered for maximum optimal mix, designing a budget for expenditure with an understanding of likely results. Demonstrating knowledge of “marketing that is wasteful” and “marketing that generates success” builds investor confidence.

We will further help you establish sales and pricing strategies, plan for the growth of your company and establish phased objectives for winning present markets and moving into future ones (locally and abroad).


Describing management and hiring practices is an important part of each business plan. Investors want to feel good about your management’s ability to effectively lead, control, and organize the company. Strong evidence to the management’s abilities and to the strength of its’ business opportunities should be confirmed by gathering “Letters of Recommendation/Support” and by developing key industry partners.

Often times a hiring or management plan is required. We can help you draft this. There are ways to impress investors in creative ways.


If you need to raise capital via investors (angel, venture capital, public/private exchanges), it will require developing a transaction structure that permits direct investment, for legal and practical participation. We have experience developing plans for private and public placements as well as valuing companies and their assets.


Often overlooked is the disclosure and management of risks. A serious investor will expect you to be very honest, and to spend a great deal of time thinking about, the reasons you could fail. Showing that you have put great consideration into your risks will demonstrate to the investor that you have strategies to deal with these risks. We help you analyze risk and put in place management strategies that will address possible business weaknesses.


We assist clients in developing comprehensive, investor-grade financial assumptions and projections, this includes balance sheets, income statement and cash flow statement forecasts for up to 5 years. Our step-by-step process first assists you in developing and analyzing the financial and business assumptions behind each of your major income and expense categories, including revenue streams, cost of sales, sales and marketing, management and staffing, and overhead expenses. We then assist you in finalizing your balance sheet and cash flow assumptions including key items that directly affect cash flow such as capital expenditures, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

The plan must be comprehensive in its financial projections and costing of technology (hardware, software, R&D), physical infrastructure, salary and other overhead. It should offer investors an adequate return on their investment according to a fairly devised compensation structure.


Important but often overlooked, is a plan for listing, contacting, developing, and maintaining relationships with investors. Establishing within it formal processes by which the investor gets to know the company, and thereby, at the end of that formal process, they are encouraged to commit to an investment.


Apro Solution helps you provide all of the necessary supporting documents, presentations, and corporate logos that you will need to have a good and solid business plan.


Factoid: By 2005, innovation focused knowledge workers will represent 30-to-35 percent of the employed workforce in developed nations.
(Source: Gartner Group)

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