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  "The single most important aspect of a good business plan is that it must be based on your market and your customers' desires. What you want, and think, as a business owner is much less important than what your customers want and think. The reason for your business to exist is to create and service customers."
"In the ideal version of an expertise software package, there should be a very customizable set of business rules that allow each enterprise to send each query to the appropriate expert, or experts as need be."




   Need a NETWORK DESIGN PLAN and don't know where to start?  Don't put it off  and do not make the most common mistakes with something as important as your company and idea.  Let our team and our standard plans guide your through YOUR successful  STRATEGY , EXECUTION and SUCCESS.

Here is how Apro Solutions can help You - Your Company - and Your Customers:

         Conduct a Feasibility Study

o         The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine the possibility or probability of either improving the current network or developing a totally new network.

o         The deliverable for this step is a short, written feasibility study report. This report tells management about the problem, its causes, and its potential solution. It also states the purpose or objectives of the network to be developed.

         Prepare a Network Design Plan

o         This will take into account the technical, operational, and economic feasibility of the proposed network.

o         The objectives from step one should be divided into major, intermediate, and minor goals. In addition, the report should include a preliminary list of departments that are expected to use the network, a tentative completion schedule, and a list of evaluation criteria.

         Understand the Current Network

o         The objective here is a complete understanding of the current operations; this will provide a benchmark against which future design requirements can be gauged.

o         Management will receive a copy of this report, which includes information that can be used during the detailed development of the communications network.

         Define the New Network Requirements

o         What is the purpose of the network?

o         What is the network to produce?

o         What is the network availability requirement?  Is this component mission critical?

o         What is the budgeting requirements and the length of the implementation project?

o         A detailed listing of the various requirements the new network must fulfill to achieve its goals will be produced.

o         Included will be a list of all applications that expect to use the network.

o         Group by applications the types of messages to be transmitted.

         Identify the Geographic Scope

o         A data communications network can have four basic levels of geographic scope: international, country, city or state, and local facility.

o         All the physical locations that must be interconnected by the planned network are identified.

o         The preliminary map developed during the feasibility study should be examined at this point, and a more detailed and accurate version should be prepared for management.

         Calculate Circuit Requirements

o         Analyze the network circuits to produce a more detailed estimate of the message capacity required.

o         Ask for managerial assistance in determining average circuit traffic per day and the peak circuit times.

o         This information will be added to the documentation we have up to this point. Transmission rates required for each circuit will be added to the map.

         Identify Network Security and Control

o         All of the security and control mechanisms to be included in the network must be considered in the detailed design.

o         Use a network control spreadsheet to show the threats to the network and the components that must be protected.

o         A report will be made of the above, along with a list that describes the controls to be implemented into the new network.

         Design Network Configurations

o         Configure the circuits, hardware, and software between the computers in the network.

o         Requires choosing from among various network alternatives. Main constraints are the availability of software, hardware, and circuits.

o         The preceding factors must be considered in the cost/benefit analysis.

         Determine Network Costs

o         Most organizations develop requests for proposals (RFP) before making large network purchases.

o         Once the vendors have submitted their proposals, the organization evaluates them against specified criteria and selects the winner(s).

o         A spreadsheet report of the cost of the circuits, hardware, and software should be presented to management.

         Implement the Network

o         Sell the network both to management and potential users.

o         Assemble the various pieces of hardware, protocol/software programs, network management/test facilities, and communication circuits.

o         Evaluate the network, conducting follow-up investigations to ensure that everything operates as planned and that nothing has been overlooked.

o         Pull all documentation together and arrange it in a binder that contains ten separate sections, one for each step carried out.

         Support the New Network

o         Do you have all the necessary software and Network Support , Licensing, and SLA documentation at your finger tips?

o         Are you measuring your vendors if they meet their own SLA requirement guarantees?

o         Do you have all the network configuration, system, and password documentation available?





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