What they say...
  "The single most important aspect of a good business plan is that it must be based on your market and your customers' desires. What you want, and think, as a business owner is much less important than what your customers want and think. The reason for your business to exist is to create and service customers."
"In the ideal version of an expertise software package, there should be a very customizable set of business rules that allow each enterprise to send each query to the appropriate expert, or experts as need be."




   Need to establish a Product Lifecycle (PLC) or an Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) PLAN and don't know where to start?  Don't put it off  and do not make the most common mistakes with something as important as your company and idea.  Let our team and our standard plans guide your through YOUR successful  STRATEGY , EXECUTION and SUCCESS.

Today's market leading companies want to establish aggressive new initiative to improve their product lifecycles and economies. Let Apro Solutions help you to:

  • Accelerate the introduction of your new products

  • Quickly respond to rising market changes

  • Rapidly react to competitive challenges

  • Provide your customers with exactly what they want for a price they are willing to pay

  • Deliver product innovations that garner breakthrough market shares

  • Slash product costs across the entire product lifecycle

Apro Solutions can leverage a wide range of product-centric capabilities- including collaboration, visualization, product structure definition, workflow management, information management, change management, and enterprise application integration - that can be applied to all of your product lines at each and every lifecycle stage.

Traditionally, companies adopt the following mission-critical systems to focus on their specific business issues.  Let Apro Solutions design the right combination of tools to maximize and track the business value of your product lines and establish to plan, design, manufacture, and support your product offerings.

  • Supply chain management (SCM)

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

To enable you to meet today's ambitious business objectives, Apro Solutions provides the world's market-leading suite of product lifecycle management solutions.  Our solutions bridge the entire product lifecycle enabling participants to collaborate in real-time and allow the extended enterprise to leverage its diverse intellectual capital.

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Factoid: By 2005, innovation focused knowledge workers will represent 30-to-35 percent of the employed workforce in developed nations.
(Source: Gartner Group)

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