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  "The single most important aspect of a good business plan is that it must be based on your market and your customers' desires. What you want, and think, as a business owner is much less important than what your customers want and think. The reason for your business to exist is to create and service customers."
"In the ideal version of an expertise software package, there should be a very customizable set of business rules that allow each enterprise to send each query to the appropriate expert, or experts as need be."




   Need a Quality Assurance PLAN and don't know where to start?  Don't put it off  and do not make the most common mistakes with something as important as your company and idea.  Let our team and our standard plans guide your through YOUR successful  STRATEGY , EXECUTION and SUCCESS.

Quality Assurance Plan Is Vital For Successful Business.  As competition and marketplace demands increase, so does the need for an effective quality assurance plan.

Let Apro Solutions make sure the following are met as part of your Quality Assurance needs:

  • Personnel are assigned responsibility for project quality.

  • QA activities comply with a written organizational policy.

  • Adequate resources and funding are provided for performing QA activities.

  • QA representatives are trained to perform their activities.

  • The project team receives orientation on QA roles, responsibilities, authority, and values.

  • A lifecycle methodology is identified and used.

  • A project QA plan is prepared according to a documented procedure.

  • QA activities are performed according to the QA plan.

  • QA participates in the preparation and review of the project plan, standards, and procedures.

  • Structured walkthroughs or peer reviews are conducted on work products for every stage of the project.

  • A report of each structured walkthroughs and findings (i.e., defects) is maintained.

  • In-Stage Assessments (independent reviews) of work products and deliverables are performed for each stage of the project life cycle.

  • Quality representatives audit software work products to ensure compliance with standards and procedures and to facilitate the early detection of problems which could affect the quality of the product.

  • Quality representatives periodically report their results to the project team.

  • Deviations in activities and work products are identified, documented, and controlled according to a documented procedure.

  • Quality representatives conduct reviews of their activities and findings with the customer's quality personnel, as appropriate.

  • Measurements are created and used to determine the cost and schedule status of the quality activities.

  • Quality activities are reviewed with the project manager/leader both periodically and as needed.

  • Quality activities are reviewed with senior management on a periodic basis.

  • Experts independent of the quality representatives periodically review the activities and work products of the project's quality representatives.

  • Adherence of products and activities to the applicable standards and procedures is verified objectively.

  • Affected groups and individuals are informed of quality activities and results.

  • Non-compliance issues that cannot be resolved within the  project are addressed by senior management.

  • All internal and external facing documentation as it relates to the product or service are also reviewed.

  • All necessary version control and release management methodologies are reviewed.

  • Official turnover and release management are formalized and closed to proceed to next stage.



Factoid: By 2005, innovation focused knowledge workers will represent 30-to-35 percent of the employed workforce in developed nations.
(Source: Gartner Group)

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