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Our new customized 24/7 support system lets you add a business or IT service to meet your needs quickly, easily, and within your budget.

Today's advances in technology can be overwhelming, and more than ever, you need a dedicated team to put you on the right path.

At Apro Solutions, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with easily manageable solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Our certified engineers are trained to serve a wide range of enterprise professional organizations and their product support needs.

From planning, to design, implementation, training, and to post support- Apro Solutions will optimize the use of technology and bring capabilities to your business that are reflected in your bottom line.

We will empower YOU  to ensure your overall  success. 
Custom services allow businesses to gain access to a larger and growing market.
Experienced technical and business expertise that delivers robust customized solutions on time and on budget.
Winning solutions increase productivity and are proven to save time, effort, and money.

Our Business and Focus

Our company provides dynamic technical solutions and services that evolve to meet ever increasing and changing business requirements.

Combining a wide range of skills in areas including, business strategy, technology, and user centric design, we assist organizations to optimize their business processes and systems, decrease costs, to achieve and manage sustainable growth.

We provide various technology solutions including e-Business service, project management, application development, database services, global network integration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, document and software management, outsourcing, consulting, mentor training, and system support- to all major industry sectors.

Our commitment to nurturing long-term business relationships, providing quality services and solutions, exceeding client expectations, delivering projects on time and within budget, ensures a long list of satisfied clients happy to talk about their experiences.

How do we do it?

Strategy • Execution • Success

Apro Solutions is committed to service quality, customer satisfaction, delivering projects on time, within budget, and exceeding client expectations. To ensure successful outcomes, we have processes for conceptualizing, planning, and implementing solutions ensuring all your requirements are met.

Development of a strategic plan
The key element of a successful IT function and Technical Product Management is a long term plan. We will help you develop it based on a customized analysis of your existing business, your plans, your industry, the abilities of your staff, budget- and any other resources and challenges you may encounter. We will help determine how to streamline, enhance and improve your function to improve your bottom line.

Development of standards, policies, and processes
Most organizations need some sort of Information Technology and Products or Service Level standardization and deliver the required supporting documentation. We will help you identify your organization's requirements, the flexibility required by your users or customers, and any other limitations to effective standardization. We will help determine the appropriate policies and procedures to prepare the necessary thorough documentation for an effective process implementation.

Training and briefings
Once you have developed policies, you must communicate them to your employees, associates, or directly to your customers. We will not only help develop and write those plans, we will communicate them to your staff in seminars, briefings and other training forums.

Assessment, planning, design, and management
To ensure successful outcomes, we have processes for conceptualizing, planning, and implementing solutions to common and complex business problems.  We will analyze your business model and processes and determine how (and if) your Products or your internal IT department can effectively increase your profitability and company value. We will design the system and manage the specification and implementation. Typical projects may include:

  • Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Support Staff Assessment

  • e-Mail Systems

  • e-Commerce

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Database Designs

  • Software Development

  • Web site portals and Document Management Systems

  • Intranets / Internet / Extranets

  • Video Conferencing, VoIP, Multimedia Streaming

  • Secure Telecommuting Solutions

  • LAN, WAN, Wireless, and VPN Network Designs

  • High availability systems

  • Firewall & Security Systems

Vendor and contractor search, evaluation, selection, and management
Finding the right partner is the most important factor in a successful IT project. We'll help you make the right decisions.

  • We will use our industry contacts to find the highest quality certified  vendor for your project.

  • We will investigate their references. We know the questions to ask to get the most useful and honest information from the vendor's references.

  • We will help you evaluate your choices and select the best partner.

  • We will review the proposals for accuracy and completeness and help you choose the best match for your needs- based on your budget and timeline.

  • We will manage the business and technical relations with your vendors.

  • We will write the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualification (RFQ) and manage and evaluate the responses.

Project management and measurement
We will manage and measure your project's success against the scope you have approved.

  • Analysis of barriers to system implementation and recommendations for corrective action.

  • We analyze the obstacles to your plans and help determine how to overcome them by either dealing with them or modifying the plan.

Management of system specification
We will work with vendors, experienced in the technology, to specify the exact hardware, software and services that are necessary for a successful implementation.

Project scope definition
We will define the precise objectives of your project, how, when and who will accomplish them, and what the standards of success will be. This is one of the most important elements of a successful project.

Mentor Training and Support
We will provide or coordinate seminars, support plans, and training to help your associates or customers better utilize your newly implemented Technology and Products.

Our commitment to nurturing long-term business relationships, providing quality services and solutions, exceeding client expectations, delivering projects on time and within budget- ensures a long list of satisfied clients happy to talk about their experiences.

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