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  According to a Jupiter survey across Fortune 2000 companies- 39 percent currently outsource project management functions or are considering it.

More than half of the responding companies surveyed use consultants for project management, primarily for managing projects (66 percent) and augmented staffing (61 percent).

In addition, the study found that the most common functions currently outsourced are project delivery, project management training, and complete project management (at 40.7 percent each).


In today's competitive business climate, costs are escalating and budgets are shrinking. This means organizations are constantly challenged to prioritize their projects, increase speed and efficiency of project execution, reduce spending, achieve repeatable project success, and maximize their investments.

Apro Solutions’ project management service suite breaks down the chaos of an overwhelming workload into manageable elements — scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, integration, and support. 

Choose from one of the three basic types of project management services Apro Solutions experts offer:

Let Apro Solutions experts manage your projects and products.  Click here for more information.
Experienced project management process implementation expertise that delivers robust customized solutions on time and on budget.  Let Apro Solutions provide the customized process that fits your organization.
Project Management Tool Integration solutions increase productivity and are proven to save time, effort, and money.  Let Apro Solutions' integrate them into your corporation.


The pressure to succeed in your business is real.  Whether that pressure comes from internal drivers or from your competition, today's accelerated business cycles demand rapid action and increasingly efficient project management. That is why Apro Solutions is there to help.

The Apro Solutions teams have the product knowledge, technical skills, and experience to ensure that you quickly garner measurable benefits with expertise in these areas:

  • Scope identification and schedule prioritization

  • Change control, time, cost, and resource management

  • Documentation, maintenance, and support plans

  • Fiscal plans and return on investment analysis

  • Work breakdown structures

  • Needs Analysis, contract, procurement, and risk management

  • Communications management and operation readiness

Let Apro Solutions provide the customized solutions for Your project.  Contact us now!


No project is executed in a vacuum. Projects are realized within the confines - both physical and psychological - of a given company. Perhaps today's most complex project is implementing an enterprise resources planning (ERP) system. By its very nature, the unfolding of such a large project is influenced by the company environment, and it is that environment that can breed success or failure. Oftentimes, corporate culture is an extension of its management, but even with the most optimistic manager, it is unlikely that an entire company will change its attitude just to increase an ERP project's chances of success. Management must recognize the subtleties inherent in the company culture and develop an implementation plan that works around, or avoids- pitfalls. Although corporate cultures are very complex, there are some key indicators that can greatly impact your ERP project:

  • Does your corporate culture discourage micro-management?

  • Do you know exactly where your resources are and how far along are they in executing your project?

  • Does your business environment value team participation over individual heroics?

  • Does your company encourage quick conflict resolution as opposed to hoping disagreements will go away by themselves?

  • Can the project manager handle the necessary responsibility and authority?

  • Will all mangers commit to personal as well as corporate goals?

  • Will responsibility for failure as well as success be shared?

  • Can resources be committed?

  • Can a committee be established to resolve management differences in a timely manner/ Will the project manager be an experienced, respected, powerful user?

  • Will top management support remain steadfast despite project and/or market problems?

There are only a few companies that can answer yes to all of these questions, but knowing how your company deals with each is important to your project's success.  Let Apro Solutions help implement a customized project process to fit YOUR company's needs. Contact us now so we can deliver expert project management solutions to you!


Apro Solutions will work with your team to implement best-of-class project management tools and processes according to your organization's needs, and will assist you in achieving your objectives in implementing an enterprise project management system.

Apro Solutions utilizes a comprehensive implementation strategy that follows a structured project management approach. Apro Solution’s proven strategy addresses the issues of software integration, as well as the complexity of implementation, and accelerates your organization's adoption of project management tools and processes.

 Apro Solution’s strategy focuses on four major areas: 

  • Readiness Assessment

  • Process Development

  • Design, Prototype, Pilot, and Rollout

  • Project Management Tool Documentation and Training

  • Project Management Workflow Support and Growth Planning

The services do not stop there. Apro Solutions provides ongoing support to enable clients to rapidly adapt as needs change and project complexity increases.

Readiness Assessment: A key consideration when implementing a Project Management Solutions is how seamlessly the new application will tie into the existing business practices. This is identified when a team of Apro Solutions Senior Consultants conduct an initial Needs Analysis of your environment. During this phase, Apro Solutions will work with your team to develop deliverables such as the Project Charter, determine and document your organizational readiness, and develop an Implementation Plan- which will be used as a road map for your implementation.

Process Development: In addition to the core Project Management software implementation, Apro Solutions can provide generic processes for your organization that are based upon recognized industry standards and best practices. Apro Solutions can also assist your team to tailor these processes to your organization's specific needs.

Design, Prototype, Pilot & Rollout: During the initial stages of the implementation, Apro Solutions will work with your team to establish appropriate software environments, provide training to the core team and develop a design document that will serve as the basis for your implementation. As the implementation progresses, Apro Solutions will define, establish and test the prototype solution, identify and train the pilot team and provide mentoring to the team on actual 'live' project data. With the successful completion of the Pilot, Apro Solutions will work with your team to configure and document the production environment and provide rollout training and mentoring to your entire organization.  

Project Management Tool Training: Apro Solution’s teams of trainers are available to provide world-class instruction on Apro Solution’s entire portfolio of your customized Project Management Software implementation. Furthermore, Apro Solutions will work with your team to develop customized training programs that fit your business models as well as provide training and mentoring support.


Contact us now so we can deliver expert project management solutions to you!


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